Fosterline Earns Accreditation To The Helplines Standard

FosterTalk is delighted to announce the recent notification that Fosterlinhlp_standard_cmyke earned Accreditation to the Helplines Standard.

This is verification from the Helplines Partnership that Fosterline has surpassed the standards required to deliver a helpline service which is consistent, relevant to needs and effective to the aims and outcomes of the service.

The Helplines Partnership congratulated FosterTalk on the delivery of Fosterline by
“The high quality of this submission, the content of the calls listened to, and observations throughout the assessment visit, demonstrated a strong commitment to providing an excellent service across the team”.

The accreditation program is periodically evaluated and updated to reflect current best practice. FosterTalk recognises that the Helplines Partnership raises the profile of the sector promoting excellence, choice and accessibility for everyone.

Steven Stockley, Fosterline Manager, said:
“We are proud of our accomplishments in ensuring Fosterline is your fostering advice service, and the ‘go to’ place for independent fostering advice. We hope our callers can see the benefits of our hard work to become Helplines Standard accredited”

Fosterline is a free and confidential advice and support line for foster carers in England. Fosterline Advisors are available Monday to friday from 9 am to 5 pm and can be contacted free by telephone on 0800 040 7675.

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