Children’s social care 2022: recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic

Ofsted has recently published a report entitled “Children’s social care 2022: recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The report says: “The COVID-19 pandemic has put specific pressures on the children’s social care sector, and exacerbated existing challenges. Throughout, those in the children’s social care sector have worked to adapt in their roles. They have continued to care for children, protect them from harm and support their families.

Our insights give us the opportunity to report on how the sector continues to respond to the ongoing challenges, based on information we have gathered from our inspections and published data. In this briefing, we draw on evidence from a sample of inspections, and from focus groups and interviews with inspectors and policy colleagues, to understand what the sector has done well, the pressures that remain and the main barriers to managing these pressures.

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