A Pain 2 Purpose Journey

My name is Steven Russell, and this is my pain 2 purpose journey.

All I remember wanting as a child was my own family, the rest is very much history. So, 9 families later, I have my own family for which I am truly grateful for.

We never start where we are, in fact, every domino piece that has fallen in the years gone by, were simply preparing us for where we are today. I have no regrets, just peace, and appreciation. I am extremely optimistic about my children’s future, and for the children, I support as an Elementor.

Children in care are no different from any other child in the world, because the truth is, “Every child should be in care”, the best possible care there is available to them. We must ensure they have the best possible opportunities to succeed in life. So, their journeys can be filled with optimism, courage, and aspiration.

I believe in inspiration, to inspire a child to be kind to themselves is a great place to start, but first, they must experience kindness, or how will they project kindness onto others if they don’t feel it for themselves. Throughout my journey as a child, I was blessed with 6 kind humans who melted my ice.

Pat (foster carer), Dave (Support worker), Adam (Friend), Miss Garvey (Teacher), Eunice & Neville (Foster carers).

I was often labeled as a cold and selfish child by the adults around me growing up, “Steven, you should think yourself lucky to have a family, they would often say” however, these 6 human beings never saw my behaviour, they saw me, they saw Steven. They radiated their warmth, their empathy, their compassion, which in turn melted away some of the ice away.

Drip By Drip Day By Day, Empathy and Patience is the only way.

While the other adults in my life were busy telling me what’s right from wrong. These amazing human beings were busy being REAL! and forming CONNECTIONS! with me.

People often feel pity/sympathy for me, they tell me how bad I must have felt. Then others will tell me how blessed I was to have these superhumans in my life, and I wholeheartedly agree with them because, when all is said and done, HOW! You made me feel as a child, will always be remembered more, than WHAT! you said and done.

You can find out more about Steven’s story and the great work delivered by Elements at: https://elementssupport.com

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Written by Catherine Turner