Welcome to the Allegations Support Team at FosterTalk

Welcome to the Allegations Support Team at FosterTalk. The team provides independent support to foster carers who are subject to an allegation, standard of care concern or complaint.

Unfortunately, many foster carers do not know they are entitled to independent support when an allegation has been made against them, that’s where we come in.

The Allegations Support Team accepts referrals from all fostering services across the UK, where we allocate independent fostering advisors to guide foster carers through the allegations process. We have many fostering advisors, with a strong background in fostering, either as a social worker or a foster carer. Our advisors know the allegation process, they provide foster carers with their options when responding to an allegation, attend panel and review meetings with foster carers and are there to answer any questions foster carers have. The advisors are completely independent of the fostering service, though always strive to promote a positive working relationship between fostering services and foster carers.

“My advisor’s expertise and level-headiness was so supportive, it helped us to keep our equilibrium.”


“AST are the reason I’m still Fostering, Peter was invaluable excellent”


We do not ‘take sides’ during an allegation and our support is always neutral and objective. We are not there to ‘take over’ as supervising social worker, but to make sure foster carers can speak openly about their feelings during a difficult process. Fostering is challenging at the best of times, though when an allegation occurs, foster carers need all the support they can get.

If you want any advice around an allegation, then please do not hesitate to contact the Allegations Support Team on 0121-758-5013. Or alternatively, you can email Michelle Gilman, Allegations Co‑ordinator at: michelle.gilman@fostertalk.org

Find out more here https://www.fostertalk.org/allegations-support-team/

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Written by Catherine Turner