I’ve Fostered 92 Children, Here’s What It’s Taught Me About Raising Kids

The Huffington post shares the story of foster carer Jo Newby, 53, who is based in East Yorkshire.

I’ve always been around children. When I was young, I was the go-to babysitter locally, then I left school and went to work as a nursery nurse, and then I became a nanny. After that, I got married and had a child of my own (who’s 32 now). I realised I wanted a massive family and to keep having children, but my first marriage didn’t last so I found myself as a lone parent for a number of years.


When my first child turned 10, I got married for the second time. We’d talked about having children, but thought we would rather give a home to displaced children. We didn’t need the children to be biologically ours, we just knew we wanted a happy, busy home.  We looked into fostering and discovered the process to be approved can take up to a year – it’s quite an in-depth check, and rightly so, because it carries a lot of responsibility taking care of someone else’s baby or child.


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