FosterTalk would like to thank everyone who signed our petition

FosterTalk would like to thank everyone who signed the petition ”Review and increase foster care allowances and tax exemptions”, we really appreciate the support you have shown to Foster Carers who continue to provide a vital service on behalf of us all.

It is very good to see that we have received a response from the Government petitions team, which sets out the progress that has been made in regard to the key issues raised and highlighted through your support.

The petitions team set out the improvements, which are welcome. However, there remains much to be done, and FosterTalk will continue to work in partnership will all parties to ensure that the spotlight is kept on the needs of Foster Carers and also the Children they look after. Both of these sets of needs are interwoven. We cannot increase the life chances of children who are looked after in foster care without providing them with the best possible environment within which to flourish. We all have a responsibility to ensure that we achieve this and keep this at the forefront of our minds.

FosterTalk’s advisory committee made up of Foster Carers and other associated professionals, will be continuing to develop their work, and further updates will follow in regard to how this can contribute to continued positive change. 


You can read the Government’s response to our petition HERE.

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