FosterTalk: Supporting those who care for 18 years

The UK’s leading provider of support services to foster carers, is celebrating 18 years of supporting those who care.  Founded in 2004, FosterTalk provide memberships, training and allegations support to over 40,000 foster carers, SGO’s, Kinship and retired carers.

Jim Cockburn, founder of FosterTalk comments on its 18 years of operating:

“While in the UK we’ve left behind the days of overcrowded family group homes, despite improvements in support and training, much work remains to be done. However, what I have seen and I’m always in admiration of, is the foster parents who are relentlessly patient and kind in their care towards these young people, who often can come from very challenging circumstances.

“Being a foster parent can be a thankless task, but as we celebrate 18 years of operating, I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to those who open their doors and create safe and welcoming homes to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

“I’m really proud of what we have achieved in the 18 years, having supported more than a quarter of a million foster carers, children and young people.  We will continue to assist these invaluable individuals as much as possible through support and training, as well as being the voice of foster carers and young people, and raising awareness of the challenges they face as we have done with our recent Cost of Living Crisis report.” 

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