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James Lawrence – The Need for More Foster Carers Is Both Vital & Urgent

Good for – All Foster Carers & Services.

James Lawrence is Head of Communications & Engagement at New Family Social. New Family Social are a UK charity, led by LGBTQ+ adopters and Foster Carers. They aim to help people decide if adoption or fostering is right for them, supporting them on their journey to becoming parents and carers. James will talk about the true reality of the urgent need for more Foster Carers and that potential Foster Carers rule themselves out before the application phase. LGBTQ+ people often – mistakenly – believe their sexual orientation or gender identity is a barrier in the application process when it isn’t.

Shahana Knight – Behind the Behaviour

Good for – All Foster Carers & Services.

Shahana will discuss childhood trauma, stress, and adversity and the impact it has on a child’s developing brain. Award-Winning Childhood Trauma+ Behaviour Specialist/ Director of TPC. Supporting mental health in innovative, transformative, practical ways. Creator of the Therapeutic School award/Therapeutic classroom approach. This session will look at how childhood trauma impacts children’s brains and how we can approach behavior in a connective, trauma-informed way. We will look at real-life scenarios and explore the ‘why’ behind them, Shahana will then share top tips to help support the child.


Michael & Paul Atwal-Brice – Challenges and rewards of fostering children with SEN (Special Educational Needs) & disabilities.

Good for – All Foster Carers & Services

The Atwal-Brice Family are unique and cover many specialist topics around Disabilities with their older twins Levi and Lucas suffering with Autism and Epilepsy and other disabilities. They will discuss the challenges and rewards of fostering children with SEN and disability. Breaking down boundaries on disabilities and promoting equal rights to improve the lives of children and adults living with Disabilities and addition needs.

Pat Lewis – The reality of tax & benefits for foster carers.

Good for – All Foster Carers & Services.

Our tax expert, Pat Lewis from BKPlus will talk about everything tax and benefits related for foster carers. She’ll highlight important dates and deadlines and tell you exactly what you are entitled to – not to be missed!

Steven Russell – It’s OK not to be OK!

Good for – All Foster Carers & Services.

Steven Russell is an Inspirational trainer and childcare practitioner. Steven Russell will be discussing the importance of remembering the human element that foster carers bring to fostering.

How to aid Recruitment & Retention – Journey 2 Foster

Good for – Fostering Services.

Our training team will deliver the key to aiding your recruitment and retention efforts. Shazad Khan and Rachael Evans will outline how to empower your prospective carers as they take their first steps on their journey to foster. They will provide an overview of our market-leading training course Journey2Foster which can help your carers face the realities and rewards of fostering. This webinar will provide insight into how you can equip your foster carers with the essential carer skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their duty as foster carers.

Your Membership Benefits

Good for – All Foster Carers & Services

FosterTalk Memberships & Account Manager Nicola will run through all of the membership benefits and discounts that you can provide to your foster carers through FosterTalk memberships. She will share the benefits of joining our network of experts and the advantages that come with providing your foster carers with access to our 40,000+ foster carer community.

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