journey 2 foster

Journey 2 Foster 05/12/2022 – 07/12/2022


  • To explore the fostering task and develop an understanding of what the role entails, the legal boundaries of responsibility, decision making, and the standards required.
  • Introduction to Attachment Theory, adverse childhood experiences and their effect on child development. Practical steps on how Foster Carers can begin to support change and recovery using the Secure Base Model principles.
  • Prospective Foster Carers will be able to explore how a child will feel coming to them for the first time and how to best support a child through this transition in a supportive, warm, and encouraging way. They will also learn how to support positive endings.
  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of the professional network around the child and how and when to seek support. To develop an understanding of the type of support Foster Carers may need and what support options are available to them.
  • To lay the foundations of understanding Safer Caring and to develop their household safer caring plan in order to support positive relationships within the foster home and safeguard all from the risk of harm and allegations.
  • Explain the importance of a child’s identity in foster care and understand the importance of supporting a child to develop their own sense of identity and the importance of child self-esteem.


  • A fully interactive 2- or 3-day training course
  • Option to choose virtual or classroom-based delivery
  • Dedicated training facilitator with years of experience in the fostering sector
  • Ongoing support for your prospective carers
  • Course handbook including case scenarios, further resources, and useful information
  • Real Foster Carers speaking about their experiences in video recordings
  • Scenarios adapted from real life experiences of Foster Carers are used to bring to life the realities and rewards of becoming a Foster Carer