Drip By Drip Day By Day Workshops 23/9/2022

It’s about taking practitioners on an inspirational journey, that will not only create new ways of thinking, but also new ways of feeling towards the children and young people they support. Drip By Drip Day By Day essentially means, if we practice patience, exercise empathy, and learn to become more creative within ourselves and, the children and young people we support, then we can begin to form stronger connections that will make a real difference. For a lot of the children and young people we support, they often feel as though the world is a cold place to survive in, and so they develop ice. If we as caring and compassionate people have enough empathy, patience, optimism, and essentially love, for our children and young people, then we can radiate warmth to melt the ice away, Drip By Drip Day By Day.
Steven spent most of his childhood living in care, 9 foster homes, 2 children’s homes and he attended 5 schools all by the age of 16. Steven has also spent the past 15 years as a childcare practitioner and has worked in residential care, family support and education. In 2019 he created Elements as a SEMH service, to offer children and young people a service he believes would have benefitted him as a child.
Steven’s personal and professional experiences are rich in value. He spent his entire childhood living in care, 9 foster homes, 2 care homes, and 5 schools. You will gain a clear insight into the mind and thought processes of little Steven, and how he dealt with the disconnection and rejection he felt. Matched with his experiences of trauma is 16 years of care experience as a professional. Steven has spent 13 years supporting children with adverse life experiences in residential care at all levels, and 2 years spent as a specialised family support worker, along with 6 years supporting children and young people with their SEMH in the education system. So, this is exactly why you should attend because you have a unique opportunity, to learn from someone who has been on both sides of the fence.