Applications for care and supervision orders for children move online

Every local authority across England and Wales is now using the Family Public Law service online to apply for a court order to safeguard the welfare of children.

Launched in 2020 as part of our reform programme, using the online service, MyHMCTS, allows local authorities, courts and legal representatives to access the court information they need at any time and from any location. It makes court proceedings relating to children quicker and more efficient, giving families greater certainty.

Adam Lennon, Deputy Director, Family commented:

COVID-19 has shown the importance of MyHMCTS in providing a modern, flexible service that meets the needs of busy local authority teams. We have already processed almost 6,000 applications through the new system and we know that instant access to documents means cases can progress quicker, leading to more timely decisions for children.


We’re really pleased with the way the service has been adopted. We’ve worked closely with local authorities across England and Wales to understand the way they work and listened to their challenges. We used that information to plan a phased approach to introducing the service across the country at a pace that meets their needs.


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